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Building a Cyber Resilient Business


With cyberattacks on the rise, it has become essential for C-suite executives and board members to step up and collectively recognize cyber risk as a top priority business risk. However, non-cyber executives find it challenging to understand their role in increasing the business's cyber resilience due to its complex nature and the lack of a clear return on investment.

This book demystifies the perception that cybersecurity is a technical problem, drawing parallels between the key responsibilities of the C-suite roles to line up with the mission of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

The book equips you with all you need to know about cyber risks to run the business effectively. Each chapter provides a holistic overview of the dynamic priorities of the C-suite (from the CFO to the CIO, COO, CRO, and so on), and unpacks how cybersecurity must be embedded in every business function. The book also contains self-assessment questions, which are a helpful tool in evaluating any major cybersecurity initiatives and/or investment required.

With this book, you'll have a deeper appreciation of the various ways all executives can contribute to the organization's cyber program, in close collaboration with the CISO and the security team, and achieve a cyber-resilient, profitable, and sustainable business.


Click To Ramsom


Imagine being a nurse on night shift at a remote hospital, far from the bustling city. Suddenly, you realize something is off as multiple office printers begin printing strange messages. The papers contain a chilling warning: the hospital's data has been stolen and encrypted, and in order to get it back, they will have to pay a ransom. This is the reality of a ransomware attack, a cyber threat that has become all too common in today's digital age.

Ransomware attacks have seen a staggering increase of 168% between 2021-2022, and it is estimated that they will cost the world over $20 billion US dollars in this year alone. These attacks can have devastating consequences for organizations, as was the case for the Japanese hospital in our story. Within seconds, staff were locked out of their systems, unable to access crucial patient data, and forced to postpone surgeries and turn away emergency cases.

The hospital was forced to declare the attack a disaster and had to make a difficult decision: pay the ransom or try to get their systems back online themselves. This is a decision that many organizations may face in the future.

This is a harsh reality, and it is important to be aware of such threats. To learn more about ransomware attacks and how to protect yourself, we recommend watching the documentary on Channel News Asia. It will give you a deeper understanding of the threat and how to safeguard your organization.


The Dark Web


The internet is a powerful tool that has brought us closer together and made our lives more convenient. However, there is a darker side to the internet that many people are not aware of. Behind the positive veneer of social media, communication apps, and platforms lies a criminal underworld that uses these tools to run illicit and dangerous activities.

Sextortion syndicates, illegal wildlife trades, digital black markets, and secret child pornography rings are just a few examples of the criminal activities that thrive on the internet. These activities exploit the anonymity and connectivity of the internet to victimize people from all over the world.

To shed light on this dark side of the internet, Channel News Asia has produced a documentary that exposes the criminal activities that operate in plain sight and the victims who are affected by them. This documentary is a must-watch for anyone who wants to understand the dangers of the internet and how to protect themselves from these criminal activities.

We strongly encourage you to watch this documentary and gain a deeper understanding of the dangers that exist online and how to protect yourself from them. The internet is a powerful tool, and it's important to be aware of its potential dangers as well as its benefits.

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