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The impact of a security incident goes well beyond the amount of data lost or disclosed. Downtime costs – an outage that lasted an hour cost Amazon an estimated $34 million in sales in 2021. The failure to notify stakeholders can result in fines from (sometimes multiple) legal entities and the loss of customer comes with an invisible yet very substantial price tag.

Preparation for such a scenario involves putting in place a well thought out strategy that is ready to be implemented at the first sign or trouble, as opposed to formulating a plan in the midst of a breach.

Our incident response tabletop exercises and preparation services will help you to simulate the conditions of a business under attack so you may be better prepared to identify what was compromised, assess the pathway used for the attack, contain and remediate the breach, so you can revert to business as usual. From investigation to crisis management, our team of trained security experts can equip your personnel to deal with security incidents quickly and effectively.

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Preparing an incident response plan and conducting tabletop exercises with suppliers is extremely important for any organization looking to protect itself from cyber attacks and data breaches. An incident response plan is a set of procedures and guidelines that an organization follows when responding to a cyber incident. It includes steps for identifying and containing a security incident, communicating with stakeholders, and restoring normal operations.

Tabletop exercises are simulations of a cyber incident that allow organizations to test and refine their incident response plan. By conducting these exercises with suppliers, organizations can ensure that their incident response plan is effective and that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in the event of a cyber incident. Additionally, it can also improve coordination and communication between the organization and its suppliers in case of an incident.

In today's digital landscape, it is essential to be prepared for a cyber incident as it can happen at any time. Having an incident response plan in place and conducting tabletop exercises with suppliers can help organizations respond quickly and effectively to a cyber incident, minimize damage and disruption, and protect their reputation and assets.

Furthermore, It is also important to include in the incident response plan, the communication and reporting protocols with regulatory bodies and authorities, in case of a data breach, as this can help organizations comply with legal and regulatory requirements and avoid penalties.

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Cloud Security Assessments are the fastest and most comprehensive way to identify your organization’s security posture in the cloud.


Our Cloud Security Assessments service provides you with a comprehensive report detailing the security risks and vulnerabilities of your cloud infrastructure.

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Our cybersecurity governance and compliance services help you ensure compliance with standards like ISO2700:2013, NIST or CIS.

Safeguard your business with our cybersecurity governance and compliance services from potential financial losses.

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We make it easy for you to train your employees on how to identify and avoid cyber threats. 


Our Cyber Awareness & Phishing Simulations service provides you with the tools and knowledge needed to protect your business from cybercrime. Our simulations are realistic and interactive, and will help you to identify potential security threats before they can cause harm.



We make cybersecurity easy. Get the security you need without hiring a full-time CISO. Our cybersecurity as a service offers comprehensive protection for your business with on-demand access to a certified CISO.

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