Reduce complexity and achieve greater security with the world's most cost-efficient approach to cybersecurity

Most people in cybersecurity are bombarded with too many tools. It’s overwhelming, and it’s difficult to know what to choose. We have been through this journey ourselves.

That’s why we created
IMMUNE. Our platform helps you focus on the most important and cost-efficient tools, so you can build cyber resilience.

If you’re interested in simplifying the complexity of cybersecurity, schedule a demo of IMMUNE now.


Simplify the Complexity of Cybersecurity

When it comes to cybersecurity, more is not always better. In fact, having too many tools and solutions can actually do more harm than good. This is because each security solution requires time and resources to manage properly.


When an organization has too many tools, they quickly become bogged down and are unable to keep up with all of the different alerts and updates. This can lead to missed opportunities to actually address threats and vulnerabilities.


What We Offer

Our platform IMMUNE brings cybersecurity software together with risk-adjusted insurance in a manner that’s both contractually straightforward and low on friction.

With IMMUNE, you can:
-Get a holistic view of your cybersecurity posture
-Quantify your cyber risks
-Prioritize the most important tools and initiatives to invest in
-Save time and money


Easy Start with Tool Integration

​With IMMUNE, you can integrate your existing cybersecurity tools, and start protecting your business.


Low-Friction Cyber Insurance

With a few clicks of a button, IMMUNE offers a unique, low-friction way to get cybersecurity insurance.



Latest Security Technologies

IMMUNE is updated with the latest security technologies, streamlining the full sourcing process for you.


Smart Automated ROI Reports

​IMMUNE recommends cost-efficient cybersecurity roadmap and strategies, including budget and ROI.

Trusted Among Industry Partners

CISOs typically source for security tools through a combination of online research, vendor demonstrations, and personal recommendations. Additionally, CISOs may also attend security conferences and trade shows to learn about new products and services. When sourcing for security tools, it's important for CISOs to consider the specific needs of their company and compare different products before making a decision.

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Built for CISOs
by CISOs

CISOs (chief information security officers) need a number of things to effectively do their job, including a strong understanding of the security landscape, the ability to develop and implement security strategies, and the budget to purchase necessary security software and hardware.


Additionally, CISOs need to have a good working relationship with their staff and other departments within their company, building on a collaborative culture towards cyber resilience.


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Imagine being able to protect your business without having to sacrifice anything else in your budget.

With IMMUNE, that’s a reality. We’ll help you get the best security solution for your needs without overspending or underserving your company.