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Dr. Magda Lilia Chelly is a highly accomplished and globally recognized leader in the field of cybersecurity. She has been honored as one of the top 20 most influential cybersecurity personalities in both 2017 and 2021 by ISFEC Global. As an author, Dr. Chelly has written three books. Her two books provide in-depth insights on cybersecurity challenges and recommendations for c-level executives.

Dr. Chelly is a sought-after media commentator on cybersecurity, appearing on national and international TV, radio and news magazines, and is widely recognized as the go-to expert for straightforward insights on cybersecurity and privacy-related topics. She has also been featured in popular documentaries such as "The Dark Web," and "Click to Ransom” on Channel News Asia.

Dr. Chelly is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker, delivering engaging presentations. Her speaking engagements address a wide range of topics, including cyber risk quantification, third-party risk management, bridging the gap between business and cybersecurity, cyber awareness, diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry, and cybersecurity investments and entrepreneurship.

With her extensive experience in cybersecurity and privacy, Dr. Chelly has held various roles including Information Security Officer, Business Development, and Senior Cybersecurity Consultant.

Dr. Chelly's international experience, technical knowledge, and multicultural background have equipped her with unique insights. She is known for her clear communication style and ability to make cybersecurity and privacy accessible to all. Dr. Chelly's research has been featured by IEEE, RSA Conference, World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS-2016), and CYBER RISK amongst others.

Magda Lilia CHELLY

Managing Director • CISO



"Cybersecurity resilience is only as strong as its weakest link, and in today's interconnected world, that link is often found in the supply chain." - Magda Chelly


Mikko Laaksonen is a highly experienced IT professional and cybersecurity expert. As the co-founder of Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd, Mikko brings over 24 years of experience in IT service management and security operations to the table. With a background in international payment solution development, Mikko possesses a unique understanding of the intersection between technology and business, and how innovations can be utilized to achieve strategic goals while building and maintaining cyber resilience.

With a decade of experience in the payment industry, Mikko has a deep understanding of the technical and security complexities involved in the development of payment solutions. This experience, combined with his expertise in IT service management, has given him a holistic perspective on how to effectively manage and secure IT systems and networks.

Mikko's deep understanding of the current technology components and how they can be used in innovative ways to drive business success, while maintaining cyber resilience, makes him a valuable asset to any organization. His ability to bridge the gap between technology and business makes him a respected leader in the industry.

In summary, Mikko Laaksonen is a highly experienced and respected IT professional and cybersecurity expert, with over 24 years of experience in IT service management and security operations. His background in international payment solution development and his deep understanding of the current technology components makes him a valuable asset to any organization looking to achieve strategic goals while building and maintaining cyber resilience.





"The financial and payment industry supply chain is a complex web of interconnected systems and networks, where a single weak link can expose the entire system to cyber threats." - Mikko Laaksonen


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"Highly engaging, very knowledgeable and what I liked most was the practical solutions she offered. Magda is a no nonsense, straight talking professional that doesn’t use scare tactics like some others I’ve come across! Her focus on educating clients and building confidence makes her invaluable."


Germaine Chia  |  Operations Director


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