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Responsible Cyber Enters the UK Market through a Strategic Partnership with Yogosha

Updated: Feb 13

United Kingdom, UK – On February 1, 2023, Responsible Cyber, a Singapore-headquartered cybersecurity startup with a focus on Extended Third-Party Risk Management (ETPRM), unveiled its latest partnership venture with Yogosha, a startup focused on Vulnerability Operations Center (VOC) solutions. The move is part of their joint strategy to boldly launch into the UK market.

At a time when there is still much uncertainty, and with businesses across Europe being urged by regulators like the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) to implement new measures to protect themselves from cyber threats or face heavy fines if they fail to do so, the timing of this announcement certainly seems opportune.

In response to how this partnership came to be, Jason Simper, Yogosha UK, said “This new partnership with Responsible Cyber is a fantastic opportunity for UK clients to benefit from their expertise in Extended Third-Party Risk Management, coupled with Yogosha’s skills in the detection and management of exploitable vulnerabilities through Yogosha’s Vulnerability Operations Center (VOC) and our elite community of hackers.”

Although both companies seek to help their clients build cyber resilience, their approaches differ.

In France where Yogosha has been working with major brands, the company has gained a solid reputation and client base due to its robust capabilities in detecting, managing, and fixing technical vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, Responsible Cyber focuses on risk management, specifically addressing risks associated with n-parties within the company’s ecosystem via extended TPRM – a process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with third-party vendors, n-party vendors and service providers that are involved in an organization's operations. This process involves evaluating the security, compliance, and performance of these vendors, and implementing controls to minimize potential risks to the organization. The "n" parties refer to the multiple vendors or service providers that are being evaluated and managed in the TPRM process.

As both parties possess complementary skills and expertise in the cybersecurity field, sharing resources and capabilities enables both firms to offer a unique value proposition, along with a more comprehensive range of services. Clients can look forward to accessing the combined expertise and experience of both teams of highly skilled security professionals.

“TPRM solutions and VOCs typically focus on different aspects of risk management, but when combined, they provide a more holistic view of an organization’s cyber risks. Traditionally, discussing cybersecurity involves lots of jargon which alienates business stakeholders. We want to change that. We want to put our clients back in the driver’s seat, addressing their cyber risks in accordance with their respective risk profiles and appetites. To do so, we need to contextualize cyber vulnerabilities and exposures, to discuss them in a way that business stakeholders can relate to – as business risks – and that’s where we come in,” said Dr. Magda Chelly, co-founder and Managing Director of Responsible Cyber.

News of this strategic partnership also came as Responsible Cyber announced the successful admittance of its UK Country Manager, Tom Philippe, into the Yogosha Strike Force, a private community of elite ethical hackers from all over the world.



Responsible Cyber has been supporting businesses in their cyber journeys since 2016. Led by Mikko Laaksonen and Magda Chelly – both cybersecurity professionals with extensive security experience – the company has seen tremendous growth, with clients ranging from small start-ups to established and growing enterprises located in Europe, United States, Africa, Australia and Asia. Responsible Cyber provides cybersecurity as a service and has developed an Extended Third-Party Risk Management Platform, IMMUNE. For more information, go to


Yogosha is a VOC - a Vulnerability Operations Center :

- A hub to detect, manage and fix vulnerabilities. - A platform to bring together all communities – CISOs, ethical hackers, dev and sec teams... - A battleground to run multiple security operations – VDP, penetration testing and bug bounty. - A command center to oversee all vulnerability management strategies.

For more information, go to


Wen Sin Lim Marketing Manager Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. Elodie Angiolini International Marketing Manager Yogosha

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