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Whether you need to start with your cyber security roadmap and strategy including attracting the best cyber security talent and train them, or whether you are looking for a punctual support for your cyber security reviews, assessments or audits we are confident you will be pleased with our services.”

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Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. provides proven training programs and best practices around cyber-Security as well as advisory services.

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I had the honor to work with her and know her as an enthusiastic energetic entrepreneur. She truly is a seasoned expert in Telecommunications and Security. I would even put Security in front since she has so much passion and acknowledged that many of our customers need education and help to combat with modern cyber attacks. That is the reason she has started a new business to support her clients as a Cyber Security Evangelist. I have reviewed some of her work and it is impressive to see the way she is presenting her ideas and messages. She is very professional and full of new ideas any time I meet her. She knows the importance of listing to the client firstly and to tailor her work to the needs of her clients. It is a great pleasure to work with her.

Olaf Krohmann, Director, Advanced Services , CISCO

I have worked together with Magda on a number initiatives with mutual clients, whereby Acuutech provided expert IT infrastructure and Cloud advice whilst Magda was the acting CISO. Her input and direction on these initiatives and successful projects were extremely valuable, timely and well thought through in each case. One particular client where compliance and regulatory requirements were key stands out where Magda and her colleagues were exemplary in their Security Policy and Planning. I enjoyed debate as well as the level of professionalism. When looking for someone to educate, advise and lead on security initiatives Magda always comes to mind.


Magda is a brilliant cyber security professional and speaker with many years of experience across roles, industries and even countries. She ran our Friday meetup in Helsinki, Finland in 2017 sharing her cyber security knowledge.
I had the opportunity to work with Magda on two different projects. The first one was related to Drupal security. She took an advisory role around the security policies, and checked as well the security settings herself. The second project was around ISO 2001:2013 implementation. Magda was a clear support for my projects, where I have managed to get company’s certifications.
She is very enthusiastic and passionate! I love working with her and definitely would recommend herself and her company.

Ben Ottoman, CISO, AVAUS

Magda is a symbol of dedication and determination when it comes to client’s satisfaction. In a short period of time, she becomes an iconic figure in the cyber space, she is well respected by her peers and her clients.

Magda is a well rounded cyber security evangelist and she has been preaching cyber security best practices globally with outstanding feedback from her peers and clients.

Without doubt, I am highly recommending Magda’s Services for any organization.

Youssef Elmalty, Global Cybersecurity Architect - Worldwide , AMAZON

I was happy to participate in a panel discussion with Magda, and impressed with her insights for information security management.

Magda is ambitious, confident, competent, intelligent, demonstrates a deep understanding of cybersecurity, and is driven to help others to improve their cybersecurity practices. All positive traits and ingredients for being a successful cybersecurity services business owner. I recommend her and her business. And I look forward to collaborating with Magda on future projects together.

Rebecca Herold, President , SIMBUS360

Having the pleasure of sharing a friendship with Magda, it never ceases to amaze me how easily and clearly she makes her points come across, even regarding non-trivial, complex issues, she has an eagle eye for business strategy and business process improvement. Magda is a real Cyber-strategy expert, with a clear vision of the cyber-strategies and tactics needed in order to implement success.
As an incredible woman on the Cyber-Security area and an amazing speaker, I can recommend Magda and the advice she provides without reservations.

David Joao Vieira Carvalho, Group Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) , NAORIS

I have been working with Magda on cyber-security projects for my team. This was a great experience with her positive and innovative approach to empower people around cyber-security good practices. She mixes knowledge, games, with a customized methodology to change the perception of technical training.
I would recommend her work as we are going further with other projects, together.

Fabien Giordano, Regional Managing Director - South East Asia , BOLLORE LOGISTICS

I had the pleasure of working with Magda at one of Singapore’s most innovative new insurance start-ups where we were both posted as consultants.

Magda worked there as the CISO and reviewed the artificial intelligence systems that I was building for the company and their interactions with client data. I found Magda to be a pleasure to work with and thoroughly knowledgeable about both practical and regulatory aspects of data security. She was particularly impressive in dealing with cloud and AI systems not fully controlled by the client.

I found Magda to be professional to the highest degree and most importantly open to learning and applying new and innovative technologies in a highly regulated environment. I would look forward to working with her again and am confident in recommending her services to my other clients.

Richard Turrin, FinTech WealthTech InsurTech Innovation Lab Consultant, CONFIDENTIAL

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